William A. Scott


I am a new faculty member at the Simon Fraser University School of Public Policy working in the fields of economics, environmental policy, and energy systems modelling.  My research focuses on analyzing climate and energy policy to help us better understand how alternative approaches to decarbonization manage trade-offs between environmental, economic, and social objectives.  

My research has been published in the journals Energy Policy, Climate Policy, and featured in Nature Climate Change, Policy Options, and The Conversation. I have testified before Canada's Senate Committee on Energy,  Natural Resources and the Environment and presented to the federal Environment Ministers of Canada, the United States, and Mexico at the Commission for Environmental Cooperation Ministerial.  

I am completing my PhD from Stanford University in the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources where I also hold the Gerald J Lieberman Fellowship. Prior to my PhD, I worked at the University of Ottawa's Smart Prosperity Institute (Canada), a research institute focused on improving public policy for environmental and economic outcomes, as well as with the United Nations Environment Programme in the Economy and Trade Branch (Switzerland) to support emerging economies seeking to integrate sustainability into their national development strategies. 

I also hold a Masters degree in Economics from Stanford University, a Masters of Environment from Griffith University (Australia), and a BA from Western University (Canada).  

Google Scholar Profile    ||     Twitter   ||         LinkedIn    ||       Email: will_scott[at]sfu.ca